Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fifth annual Halloween Bigfoot expedition

Details to come as Kevin Thomas Kehl works on the details of the Green Swamp expedition. This event has grown every year and I hope this will be the biggest yet. Its a lot of fun folks.

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The beauty and mystery of Bigfoot research

When I began my journey into Bigfoot research, I did not know were it would lead me. Into the woods, perhaps. That goes without saying. I really believe I was searching for something. Yes, I was looking for the Florida skunk ape, but I found so much more.

The Beauty And Mystery Of Bigfoot Research
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I have been a city dweller all my life and after thirty years in Florida, I had yet to see little of what it had to offer. Most of my vista views were confined to the interstate highway. I was not prepared for all that I would soon discover.

There is an abundance of nature that I had only seen photographs of before I went into the woods. There were trees and plants and swamps and 'gators and birds and smells and things I was only beginning to find out about.

There was a sense of solace and peace that I needed desperately. The last few years have been tough economically, but when you go out to the remote areas, all of that is left behind. My friends wondered why I wanted to go on my camping trip last March. If you have to ask, you cannot understand.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Blackwater Creek Bigfoot investigation

Tim Fasano and Rob Robinson
I have always wanted to work with Florida's Rob Robinson. Rob is a Bigfoot researcher who has written a book on the subject, and has recently been featured on the History Channel on Monsters and Mysteries. I finally got my chance Saturday as Kevin, Rob, and I met at the trail head to BlackWater creek. It was a warm morning, being the day after the Forth of July. I had taken the day off from work and I was ready for a great day 'squatching.
Kevin photo bombing our selfie
Rob pulled up and we introduced each other. Kevin showed up on time and we went over the objective of the mission. The main goal was to make the four mile hike out the to creek without much shade. We knew it was going to be hot, so we set out just after the sun rose on a beautiful day.
Rob and Kevin headed out with the Florida sun rising

&Florida sunThere was some obstacles to cross. There has been a lot of rain and some of the trails were underwater. There was no choice but to cross or go back.

When we made it to the creek, we found someone else's trail cam out there. That is why I decided to not put the trail cam there. I felt there was too much risk of it being found. We found their's; they may find ours.
Group photo after we made it to the creek.

The creek was beautiful and had a rapid current. In fact, it travels to the Hillsborough River Rapids. Kevin believes canoeing is the best way to get to a remote area to camp and deploy the trail cams. That would be a fun trip. Not to many people go back there.

Kevin and Rob discuss what's next, and enjoy the river.

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The hike had no elevation but it was hot from the direct Florida sun on a July day. Kevin and Rob are experienced hikers and I needed them to gin me up for the trip. I could not have been with better guys. Bigfoot research requires a lot of work. You can see how far off the horizon is. Getting back was going to be tougher.

We were trying to get to the next tree line to deploy the trail cam but I was getting tired. I could not wait for the next tree line. I was overheated and needed to rest. In route Kevin found a rain measurement device put there by the forestry department. It showed there had been 2 inches of rain recently.

I am cramping because I did not bring enough water. Rob lent me some and that helped. At this point, I forget about the trail cam and just wanted to get back to the trailhead. The rest felt good. I could have camped there.

Back at the trailhead with some great guys.

OUTTAKE - Kevin with the hawk feather in his head dress. He may have found a new look. This was absolutely a great day, one of the best I've had in Bigfoot.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A poacher caught on trail cam

This hunter walked right by the trail cam. It was at night and I guess he did not see it
I am glad because I think he was a poacher.
This was a SWIFMUD area clearly marked NO HUNTING.  When they do allow controlled hunts, it is also clearly marked.
If he was a poacher, he could have easily destroyed the camera.

Bigfoot capture parody of Rick Dyer from last year

We have the body in the back of the truck
Our team has captured a Bigfoot body in Florida. The arial drone sending back HD video located an off trail anomaly. Enhanced images showed a primate form. It was on a forest road in the Green swamp not used for months because much of it is under water. George and I used the 4x4 to reach it. It was a non human primate dead of natural causes. Kevin hiked out and it took the three of us to load it in the truck. We only had two ice bags and went into town to get more. While George and I were shooting video - it moved its arm from under the tarp into the air (all photographed,) I saw evidence it was breathing again and seemed annoyed. Because of this development, we are going to release the video TODAY at 5:00pm. This is what you have been waiting for. Enjoy. No money will change hands. Sasquatch is not for sale. If you have any questions please contact me. My partners have families and lives and do not seek the spotlight.
Seven and a half feet long and several hundred pounds

Pretty cool image from the drone

We are getting more ice

At five today we will put up the video that will shock the world. You do not have to buy the DVD. You can see it  here when I put up the unlisted YouTube video before it goes live.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I ran into a YouTube fan

I was in Tallahassee (state capitol) for the Senate hearing on Uber. They are operating illegally in Florida, and must be stopped. A reporter from WFSU came up to me in the courtyard, and said

"You won't find Skunk Ape here."

I started laughing. It seems he is a subscriber to my channel and believes in Bigfoot. How cool.

What is not cool is the power of the Uber lobbyist. I really think the game is now rigged against us. Uber will put us all out of business if they continue to operate outside the law. They don't abide by any regulations or have any medallions. Never thought I'd see this in my country.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Dave and Tim's Green Swamp Bigfoot advenrure

While looking for a secure place to deploy the trial cam, Dave and I find a gator, a snake, and a possible habitat for the Florida Skunkape in the Green Swamp. We deployed the trail cam for three days as a test (this was our first time doing this). When I returned, I found that the area had been compromised. Because of that, I decided to move local out of an increasingly more active recreational area, and put it deep remote.

The West track of the Green Swamp is now being used often by hikers and campers, who have easy access to it. Years ago, you would see herds of deer, but no more. A lack of wildlife is never a good sign when you are doing this type of research. Don't worry, I know many areas where nobody goes. I feel very confident with the areas we going into. Weekend Bigfoot Researchers will never find our trail cams.

First trail cam image from the Seminole project

Note how the image is time/datte stamped and temperature noted
The deep field Bigfoot trail cam project has already yielded some images. They are not of any animals, however. The ones I got are of Dave and I putting up the cams...and Me taking down the cam three days later. This was only a test but a good lesson in just how long they must be left in field to find anything at all.

The goal of the project is to leave all cameras in field on a permanent basis and removing the media card and batteries every six months. Only twice a year will we visit the cams. Now how cool is that! is vital that no human scent is in the area or no animal will come by - much less the Skunkape.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trail cams have been stolen

Kevin Thomas Kehl is going back to check on the new trail cam. Rob Robinson had two stolen recently and its strange that they were found. Paranoia can be a good thing.